Sober Housing


Provide supportive sober living environment to applicants, and meet the need for appropriate community integration of recovering individuals into the workplace and society. The house will provide a safe, secure, mutually supportive, peer driven recovery environment that will aid residents in rebuilding their lives.


There are currently no sober houses in Ozaukee County, and the need for Sober Housing is growing as the impact of alcohol, drugs and the current opioid epidemic is growing in Ozaukee County. Whether it is individuals coming out of the justice system, Treatment Alternative and Diversion program (TAD), or simply those coming out of private sector treatment, it is essential that individuals are set up for success upon re-entry into the community by non-profit, self-supporting housing options.

Individual Benefits

  • A home to go upon release from jail, treatment or as an individual participates in diversion
  • Security of housing during a difficult transitional time period
  • Mentoring and accountability opportunities
  • Employment assistance and preparation for re-entry into the workplace

Community Benefits

  • Reduction in recidivism (return to crime) rate and a reduction in local crime
  • Support for families seeking support for loved ones going through addiction
  • Reduction in tax payer dollars spent on addiction and related expenses


  • Temporary loan of $150,000 funded through Ozaukee County  (Initial)
  • Foundations, grants and fundraising (Ongoing)
  • Rent income from residents (Ongoing); this is a self-supporting model of sober housing

Operations - Management

  • Residents to meet with their TAD Program Case Manager, probation officer etc. with open consent to Resident House Manager, thus providing overlapping levels of supervision
  • Resident House Manager is responsible for the maintenance of the facility as a household that is safe, sober and recovery supportive, including enforcing rules and providing support and advice to residents

Operations - Expectations

  • Adherence to all house rules as set forth in agreement and as determined by the live-in house and/or case manager; to include random drug testing and absolute sobriety from all substances to maintain housing
  • Attendance at twelve step meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in accordance with Case Manager guidelines
  • Secure employment and be responsible for all expenses in accordance with the living agreement

Starting Point, Inc.

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