The Empower Program and lessons that the Champions teach to grades 6-8 are based on the NIH Prevention Principles.


6th Grade:

Becoming a Leader

Mental Health: What is anxiety/how to avoid stress
Drug Awareness: Underage use of legal drugs: Tobacco & Alcohol)

  1. Believe in yourself: set goals. If you do not know where you are going, you will end up someplace else
    1. Learn who you are, and how to be in control of yourself
    2. Be aware of influences of others & advertising
  2. Manage your time: you need to work hard to make your dreams come true, but work smarter, not harder
    1. Learn to be in control of your time
  3. Communication (assertive, non-verbal): what you to & say defines who you are. It's OK to ask for help. How you react to situations defines you as much as what you start
    1. Learn to be in control of the way you present yourself
    2. Respect yourself and others
  4. Stand up for yourself and others. Know how to say no:
    1. Learn to accept others for who and what they are and what to do if others do not
    2. Be aware of your actions. Excluding is a form of bullying. What is cyberbullying? How can you help prevent it?

7th Grade:

Making Good Decisions

Mental Health: How is anxiety treated/how can you avoid stress
Drug Awareness: Illegal drugs: marijuana and heroin

  1. What is a decision?
    1. Learn to know what you can change, and what you have to accept
  2. SODAS decision making process
    1. Learn how to decide when everything has a pro & con
  3. What is important to you?
    1. Lean what YOU stand for, so you just don't follow others
  4. Stand up for yourself
    1. Learn how to be a responsible person, to yourself & others

8th Grade:

Accepting Consequences for your Decisions

Mental Health: What is depression?
Drug Awareness: Inappropriate use of legally obtained substances, prescription medicines or OTC drugs.

  1. What are consequences?
    1. Learn the difference between good and bad consequences, and how your decisions determine these
    2. Learn what to do after you make a mistake or a bad decision
  2. Take the time to think
    1. Learn hot to think before you act (refer to SODAS, alternatives)
  3. SMART goal setting - review
    1. Learn how to set goals you can reach
  4. Get ready for high school
    1. Learn about high school from real high schoolers

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