Starting Point conducts a wide variety of psycho-educational intervention, prevention and support groups and workshops designed for adolescents, young adults, individuals and parents in Ozaukee County.

To gain entry into any of the mandatory community groups, participants are required to complete a screening. A screening is a tool designed to examine an individual’s alcohol and/or other drug use patterns. Based on the findings, a recommendation is made to address the individual’s needs and prevent repeat offenses which might include some of the groups below. Screenings are mandatory for every person convicted of underage drinking, possession, etc. The screening involves a personal interview by an ATOD intervention staff member who has been trained in the process. If an individual is under the age of 18, a parent will need to accompany their child for the assessment. The cost of the screening is $150.

In additional to the mandatory groups, Starting Point is also offering voluntary groups for parents and families affected by substance abuse.

Starting Point of Ozaukee Psycho-educational and Social Groups

All group referrals are made through a variety of entry points including referrals from parents, schools, municipal court, circuit court, foster system, TAD program and self-referral.

Groups are conducted on an as-needed basis with court-referred individuals waiting no longer than 30 days before beginning some type of service. Individual support is also provided to parents and youth on an as-needed basis.

Group Description Ages Risk
Substance Use Awareness and Me Early intervention tool for interruption of alcohol and other drug use by youth. Strategies to increase self-awareness and personal risk factors are taught and practiced. Under 18 Low Schools,
Substance Abuse: Is This Me? Intensive intervention resource for youth screened as needing more intense response to their risk for dependence. Parent component is included. Under 18 Medium Schools,
QUIT Educational cessation group designed to eliminate tobacco use. Offers strategies and support for a tobacco-free lifestyle. Under 18 Low / Medium Schools,
Truancy Group for youth who are facing truancy violations. Sessions are held on Saturday mornings. Topics include goal setting, consequences, decision making, AODA information and incorporation of the evidenced based program. Teen Intervene. Intake screening and exit interview are included. Middle-
High School
Low / Medium Schools,
Retail Theft Educational group for youth who have come through the legal system due to retail theft charges. Under 21 Medium Courts
Continuing Support Support group for youth who have entered the system with an AODA issue and have completed one of the mandatory groups but still need support and skill building before transitioning out of Starting Point. All Medium / High Internal 
Is it Really Natural? Group focused on the impact of marijuana use in adolescents. In depth information on health, social and legal concerns is provided. Screening and Exit Interview are included. Under 21 Low / Medium Schools,

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